Sir Arthur Eddington

Sir Arthur Eddington (wikipedia) was a renowned physicist, and like Albert Einstein, liked to ride his bike! In physics, Eddington postulated a number that was important for trying to establish a grand unified theory of the universe. In cycling, he came up with a unique (and quite devious) way of measuring the repetitiveness of long distance cycling achievements. This number, known as the Eddington Number E, is calculated by determing the number of days you have ridden a given distance. A life-time eddington number of E means that you have ridden E miles as least E days/times. The eddington number can also be calculated over a shorter time period, but still has the same definition ... you must have ridden a given distance E at least E days/times for it to count over that time period (e.g., week, month, year, etc...).


This website is designed to not only help you keep track of your eddington number(s), but also to help you SEE which rides count towards your Eddington number. It also highlights the rides that will no longer count (in red) the next time you increase your Eddington.

The easiest way to calculate your eddington number(s) is to sync your Strava account with this website. You will be prompted when creating an account to authorize strava to send your data (rides) to for eddington calculations. I have also added support for manually uploaded rides - both through Strava (i.e., create a manual ride on Strava and then sync) as well as a form for entering ride data directly on this website. As of now I do not support uploading files to this website as I don't have enough storage space on the server I'm using. Thanks for understanding!

Example eddington numbers and interpretations


This number is devious when you consider that if you ride only 199 miles in a given day, it would not count even the tiniest bit towards an Eddington number of 200. Many times it is not just a single ride, but multiple rides, that no longer count towards the next eddington number. You must make up for all those rides that no longer count by riding the longer distance that many times!